After Earth pushed out into space, the Terran Empire controlled every group who explored and exploited the stars. Then came the revolution. The Thuldan Empire declared independence, as did several smaller Stellar Nations including former arms dealers Austin-Ontis Unlimited, former Microtel science division Voidcorp and several others. The Galactic War ended with thirty Stellar Nations working as independent bodies, no longer beholden to what would become The Union of Sol. Peace lasted, and the human and fraal races began to find more neighbors as they expanded.

War came again with three alliances; The Expansion Pentad (the Hatire Community, Nariac Domain, Thuldan Empire, VoidCorp and the Dreth Commonwealth), The FreeSpace Alliance (Borealis Republic, Orion League, Orlamu Theocracy) and The Profit Confederation (Austin-Ontis Unlimited, Rigunmor Star Consortium, the StarMech Collective and the Union of Sol). Originating with a mutant uprising on a core Union of Sol planet, the origins of the rebellion were traced to the Thuldans. From there, war was inevitable.

The Kendai Relay Station, leading to the furthest reaches of explored space, The Verge, was wrecked. The Orlamu’s Lighthouse of Faith almost totally destroyed. Billions of sentients all died and for over a hundred years, there was no hope of peace. Eventually, the Galactic Concord was founded. They negotiated an uneasy peace and took the territory belonging to the destroyed Stellar Nations, the technology donated from the remaining nations and the quest to stop war from breaking out again.

Recently, the Kendai Relay Station has been repaired and communication has been re-established with The Verge for the first time in a hundred years. The Concord are keeping all communications to themselves until they can better manage communications with frontier space. Not just that, but everyone on the relay station from the official crew, cheap workers and attacking terrorists, all saw visions of something in The Verge. Something they loved, hidden away, and something they dread, standing in their way. Each vision was personal, driving some people to insanity, some to death, and others to find any way possible to get to The Verge…

Star*Drive: Visions of the Verge

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